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One-to-one computer teacher serving Morecambe, Heysham, Lancaster and surrounding areas


Computer lessons

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Computer lessons

Music lessons

Maths & English lessons

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"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."


Try a 'TASTER' session: Your first lesson with me is always HALF PRICE!

I teach music too!
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Computer lessons:
Confused by computers?

Low-cost IT lessons throughout Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham and beyond.


What can I teach you?
You've got a nice shiny computer, but you're not getting much from it. You've tried, but it's complicated and some of it just ties you in knots. Or maybe you're getting left behind by the kids? You're not alone!

Sound familiar? No problem!
I will work with you to decide exactly WHAT you want your computer to do for you and WHAT you need to learn.

Short of ideas?
How about...

- surfing the internet
- avoiding viruses
- email
- calendars
- using a webcam
- backing up your files
- using Windows
- talking to relatives overseas
- printing
- writing letters
- designing leaflets, tickets, invitatons
- working with photographs
- recording, storing and playing videos
- online banking
- social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
- shopping online
- selling your clutter on eBay
- keeping track of your finances
- writing a diary or 'blog'
- listening to music (or recording it)
- iPods, iPads & iPlayer
- internet TV & movies
- online dating
- building your own website
- playing games
- researching a hobby or interest
- tracing your family tree
- creating your own DVDS
- learning a new language
- art & drawing

You can probably think of more yourself - there are endless possibilities! With a wealth of experience teaching computing to both adults and children across a huge range of software and systems, I'm the man for the job! Just give me a call.

Why have a personal tutor? Can't I just go on a course?

Sometimes there are local computer courses available, but remember:
- you'll probably have to sit in a hot room full of people
- the computer wil be different from yours
- everyone has to go at the same (slow) speed
- there's only one teacher trying to get around everyone
- he's probably not a real teacher anyway!

With my one-to-one lessons:
- you have your lessons when YOU want
- you learn in the comfort of your OWN home
- you learn on your OWN computer
- you learn at your OWN pace
- I will focus on YOUR needs and preferences
- I'm definitely a real teacher! (Qualified Teacher Status)

Get in touch with me now and let's get that computer or laptop working for YOU.


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